Day 0…. Mass Appeal…..The Loving Thing to Say is Abortion is Murder

Day 0

Mass appeal…please see our home page for Sr. Briege McKenna’s appeal for Masses to be said to protect the 8th.

Today’s Post:

The Loving Thing to Say is….

Abortion is Murder

Does anyone remember when pro-lifers used to stand outside the IFPA and Marie Stopes clinic and chant abortion is murder or the large displays on O Connell St of aborted babies. It stands in strong contrast with today when most pro-lifers cringe at the mere mention of abortion as murder. What happened? How did we get to this point? How did we go from a country that was 60-40% pro-life in spite of massive media pressure to today when we are voting on removing the 8th amendment and the polls show a consistent majority for the pro-abortion side?

What I think happened was that pro-lifers fell for the media’s line that those who said abortion is murder, were extremists. There had been a certain unease among some about tactics that were considered radical, and coupled with the strong media message that it was upsetting and offensive to women who had chosen terminations in often very distressing circumstances the liberals managed to guilt trip the pro-life side into not mentioning the ‘m’ word.

This had unfortunate repercussions. The extremists were now the messengers who were calling abortion by its proper name and not the ones promoting and committing the extreme act of abortion. In a sense the pro-lifers threw out the baby with the bath water. Even if they were uncomfortable with certain types of activity they should have still kept the word murder for that is what it is. Instead euphemisms of the pro-abortion lobby were accepted and the the horror of what an abortion is diminished in the public consciousness. The respectability around the debate gave a sort of tacit approval for the act and one could lobby and promote abortion without loosing ones respectability. One could even be a practising Catholic, a reader at mass, no less, still lobby publicly for abortion without any sanction or loss of face.

Given the propaganda power of the mainstream media and it’s almost total monopoly in the public sphere, it is not surprising that the pro-abortion view has become the mainstream view. The brainwashing has been enormous. The lying is massive and they get away with it because no one is calling it out. Monsignor Reilly a great pro-life priest said the first emotion a woman feels after her abortion is a relief, “my womb is empty.” But by the time they get home a second thought strikes them, “oh God, my womb is empty!” To cope with such a revelation most have to deny the humanity of the baby they killed. How many women would have gone through with their abortions if they knew it was murder. How many women after an abortion wished some pro-lifer had told them that abortion is murder before they travelled..

A British Labour MP once wrote an open letter to a newspaper in which she admitted that the first step to her healing after an abortion was to admit that it was a baby that was killed. To admit that it was her baby that she had killed. Admitting abortion is in fact murder is actually the first step to healing. It opens the way for repentance and receiving God’s forgiveness.

Doctors who perform abortions also commit murder. And there are probably many obstetricians who have trained abroad guilty of serial murder. Unpalatable as this may sound they need desperately to repent and beg, God for forgiveness. Their eternal soul is at risk. But who is going to tell them. Who will give them that chance at repentance.

Likewise politicians and those who work in the HSE and other departments promoting abortion need to be told the truth. The media who hide the truth about abortion must be called out. The philosophy of relativism that says its a baby if it is wanted and not a baby if it is not wanted must be challenged and exposed.

It is a cross for pro-lifers to stand up and speak the truth. And speaking the truth will bring persecution. But it is a cross we can not shirk. Already 170,000 Irish babies have been murdered. Think about it. In England it’s 9 million. Abortion is an enormous crime against humanity that very few are willing to look at in the full light of truth, though Our Lord will reveal the full extent of the horror but at that point it will be too late to repent. Given the pervasiveness of the lies about abortion the truly loving thing to do is say abortion is murder.

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