2 days to go….Mass appeal….What’s up with Google?

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Days 3 and 2 are together…..

Mass appeal…please see our home page for Sr. Briege McKenna’s appeal for Masses to be said to protect the 8th.

Today’s Post:

What’s Up With Google?

In the wake of the unprecedented interference by a foreign company in an Irish referendum, a gross attack on our democracy, let us take a look at the agenda that Google is pushing by trying to censor the pro-life vote. The multi-national conglomerate are banning all domestic ads on all their platforms that refer to the 8th Amendment.  “Google’s decision looks neutral on the surface.” says Mchael Brendan Dougherty over in the National Review, “But, the Repeal side already has overwhelming support in traditional broadcast and print media in Ireland, while the less well-funded campaigns to retain the Eighth Amendment rely on social media.”[i] It will come as no surprise that the Repeal Campaign are delighted with Google’s decision. The principle of free speech and fair play has long been jettisoned by the liberal left. Not content with almost total dominance in the main stream media they have been actively taking down thousands of NO posters and faced with dropping numbers in the polls many of the Repeal groups were warning of a Trump/Brexit like victory by conservatives on social media, one of the last bastions  of free speech., and on cue Google rides in to help.



This is not Google’s first foray into Irish referenda, indeed, they also came out in support of a Yes vote in the Gay Marriage referendum.[ii]  In August of 2017 Google employee James Damore exposed the PC leftist group-think that permeates the company after they fired him for suggesting a more nuanced approach to their ‘diversity policy’.  Eric Schmidt the founder of Google and who recently stepped down as Chief Executive of Google’s parent company ABC, was heavily involved in Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the presidency,[iii] as the Wikileaks emails clearly reveal and this also resulted with a strong Hillary bias on the Google search engine.[iv] Clearly Google are not interested in providing a platform for free exchange of ideas but are rather interested in promoting,  along with George Soros and the mainstream media (MSM), the liberal democracy and globalist trans-nationalist government espoused by the political elites in the the United States and the EU.


Now the Liberal democracy that is being pushed by large corporations in tandem with the liberal left is probably not what most people understand when they see the word democracy. As Dr Steve Turley clearly explains,[v] (links to the video are in the footnotes from 7:17) is that  the aim of liberal democracy is to liberate sovereign individuals from their traditional way of life so that the individual has no obligation to any moral standard other than the one they choose for themselves.
Whatsmore, the way liberal democracy is revealed is by means of free expression and this term is also understood by globalists in a way one might not expect. For them free expression means the pluralist ideal that all belief systems are equally valid, eg. gay marriage is equal to marriage between a man and a woman, the believe that I am a man as equally valid as the believe that I am a woman and abortion is equally as valid as giving birth to a child. However no society, no free democratic society, can operate under such a tyranny of relativism, to borrow a phrase from Pope Benedict XVI so we have a third phase in the promulgation of the liberal democracy and that is the advocacy for civil rights. As I think you might suspect, the rights that the globalist are interested in promoting are the ones now seen as been discriminated against by traditional moral customs and values, namely Judaeo-Christian values.  So we can see that for Google and the globalist liberal left the essence of democracy is in eliminating opposition voices to its pluralist agenda, hence the need to censor pro-life voices.


The truth is liberal democracy as envisioned by the globalists and liberal left is really atheistic Marxism or communism by another name. However good news from the east, Victor Orban fresh from his landslide win on Divine Mercy Sunday is reviving Christian Democracy and it is starting to spread. Watch Dr Turley’s video on this (see link below). Please God the revival will come to Ireland.

















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