61 days to go…Mass appeal….The evolution of Simon Harris

to May 25th… and the referendum on whether to repeal the pro-life 8th amendment to the Irish constitution which gives equal right to life to mother and child in Ireland or replace it with unrestricted medical abortion to 12 weeks and abortion with no upper limit envisaged on mental / physical health risk grounds.

This post is in 3 parts:

(1): Sr. Briege McKenna’s appeal for Masses to be said for the 8th amendment to the Irish constitution.

(2): A review of the risk to Down’s babies before and after the unrestricted 12 week cut-off.

(3): The evolution of Minister for Health Simon Harris.

(1): Yesterday as with everyday, we mention Sr. Briege McKenna’s appeal for Masses to be said privately, or publicly in parishes in reparation for Ireland’s turning from God and for protection of the 8th amendment. Please consider getting Masses said locally or through this link to ACN:
http://www.acnireland.org/masses or call 01 837 7516. Alternatively can you with other parishioners organise one or more Masses / half-days or days of prayer and medically safe fasting, even from one meal a day? If you are organising something, can you let us know through the contact page and like and share us on the facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/irishunborn?

(2): Yesterday we discussed how non-invasive pre-natal testing or NIPT which is currently available privately only, may give a diagnosis of Down’s syndrome within the 12 week limit for unrestricted medical abortions proposed by the Irish government and how other European countries have already introduced NIPT into the public health system while the NHS in Britain are actively researching this possibility. Also, how there has been a series of criteria both included and excluded in government proposals for >12 week / later abortions, that will in fact allow abortions of Down’s syndrome babies despite the Irish government’s insistence that they will be exempted.  This insistence is because the pro-abortion campaign is concerned that the effort to repeal the pro-life 8th amendment would fail over this issue. They must have thought long and hard about it too.

The cocktail of criteria to in fact allow Down’s abortions after 12 weeks should the 8th be repealed are:

(i): permission for abortion under mental health risk grounds (the ground that if a pregnancy is unwanted, a woman is better off from a mental health point of view not continuing the pregnancy than having the baby: responsible for 98% of almost 9 million social UK abortions to date),

(ii): the absence of any penalty or upper limit for abortions in law ergo total decriminalisation  to full-term.

(iii): Abortion is actually just a medical procedure between a woman and two doctors: Having totally decriminalised abortion to full term, the public are supposed to be reassured, that two nominated doctors, will interact with women seeking later abortions (this was the same in the 1967 UK abortion act: a few years back there was a big scandal concerning the pre-signing of consent forms which was widespread. A decision was made not to censure never mind prosecute anyone and a warning made to stop pre-signing.  In any case, the Royal College of Obstericians and Gynaecologists recommend either a nurse or a doctor to obtain consent.  In reports by the Care Quality Commission with the two biggest abortion providers, a nurse obtains consent and a doctor checks the documentation afterwards and signs and if a 2nd doctor is not on site, the second signature can be done through by one at another clinic electronically

(iv): the absence of a ban on Down syndrome abortions in government proposals, which absence has been exploited in Germany to permit 90% of Down’s babies diagnosed, to be aborted there under the mental health risk ground despite Germany not having a ground for disability abortions. No ban, no protection.

(3): The Evolution of Simon Harris:

Yesterday we mused on whether it was possible that our politicians and in particular the minister for Health Simon Harris honestly believe that Down syndrome abortions will not happen under the proposed legislation if the 8th is removed.  We wondered whether some in parliament had convinced others less radically in favour of abortion that Down Sydrome babies would be exempt, all the while knowing that Down’s abortions are highly likely to happen with this legislation as per Germany.

However given politicians capacity for ‘evolving’ on this issue to use their own term (a euphemism for doing a total U turn to keep tight with the boss-man / perceived way the wind is blowing), even if they didn’t know before now  that Down’s abortions would occur here with their own proposed legislation, we can’t expect much from Minister of Health Simon Harris who just keeps evolving / spinning on this issue.

The evolution of Minister for Health Simon Harris.

Harris, showed his own cluelessness of the risk to future Irish Down syndrome babies when he stated recently that it was “offensive to suggest women in Ireland are seeking abortions on the grounds their babies will be born with disabilities like Down syndrome”. It’s not clear if he personally was offended at the suggestion or if he thought people in general would be appalled at the thought of disabled babies being aborted because they were disabled. But he clearly suggested that the practice was utterly outrageous. An affront to any decent Irish woman kind of thing.

Shortly afterwards, a report appeared by journalist Eilish O’ Regan in the ‘Irish Independent’ that over two years, 83 Irish women had travelled to the UK for abortions of Down syndrome babies over 24 weeks of pregnancy. There were no figures on how many were done between weeks 12 and 24 but it would be higher given that as Dr. Peter Boylan and other pro choicers keep saying, Down syndrome is diagnosed after the 12th week of pregnancy.

This shocking news resulted in Harris scrambling to recover when asked was he shocked. “I am not shocked by it at all.” he said. Women who have an abortion on the grounds their child will be born with Down syndrome are “not doing it lightly,” he then maintained. That wasn’t the journalist’s question but he decided to answer another imaginary question: ‘Do Irish women who terminate their Down syndrome babies after 24 weeks do it lightly?’ and there it lay as investigative journalists let him off the hook because he’s pro-choice.  Thus he appears to have ‘evolved’ yet again, having lost all outrage from about a minute earlier at the temerity of suggestions that Irish women do in fact seek abortions of Down’s babies, which he’d clearly felt was an outrageous aspersion on their character.

Previous evolutionary changes by Minister Harris: 

At a private meeting amongst colleagues, I raised concerns about legislating for abortion in Ireland, adding that should such a scenario arise, I would have grave difficulty supporting it.’

Fine Gael TD Simon Harris also sent an anxious e-mail in the final week of the election campaign assuring PLC [Pro Life Campaign] that: “I am happy and proud to assure you I am pro-life.”Mr Harris added the nervous plea of: “Please be assured of my support. I need No. 1 votes on Friday so I can be in a position to support these positions in Dáil Eireann (the Irish parliament).”

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