Urgent appeal: starting St. Patrick’s day

1000 Masses of Reparation for Ireland and to protect the 8th amendment: 69 days to go…

It is expected that on May 25th, just 69 days from today: St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland will vote on whether or not to repeal the pro-life 8th amendment to the Irish constitution (which ensures equal right to life to mother and child) and replace it with one of the most extreme liberal abortion regimes in the world, with unrestricted medical abortions (pills) to 12 weeks of pregnancy and surgical abortions proposed to full term /  NO UPPER LIMIT on undefined mental / physical health grounds.

If the pro-life 8th amendment to the constitution is repealed, the Irish government plans to introduce legislation based on the recommendations of an enormously and most blatantly prejudiced parliamentary health committee. This would effectively pave the way for total decriminalization of abortion with no upper limit / to full-term, other than any limit applied by certain nominated doctors. As no ban on abortions for disability to full-term are proposed,  it is likely they will be obtained on mental health grounds similar to other European countries. To lull the population into a false belief that this will be restricted, the Irish media keeps focusing on the fact that unrestricted medical abortion (pills) will ‘only’ be to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Mental health risk as grounds for abortion in the U.K.: 

Since the 1967 abortion act in the UK, 98% of almost 9 million abortions there have been done on the mental health ground (ground C). The original requirement for two doctors to sign off on abortions there has virtually disappeared with consent forms often pre-signed . 9/10 Down’s syndrome babies diagnosed in utero are aborted there on grounds of disability or hidden in the mental health group. Additionally, while no upper limit applies for abortion of disabled babies, if the pregnancy is normal, the upper limit is currently limited to 24 weeks gestation. In tandem with the push for total decriminalization in Ireland, there is a huge push in the UK, to remove the final 24 week upper limit for non-disabled babies on the basis that it is a private matter between a woman and her doctor.

Mental health risk as grounds for abortion of Down Syndrome babies in Germany:

In Germany, no ground exists for abortion of babies diagnosed with Down’s syndrome in utero.  However as no specific ban for Down’s syndrome abortions exists in Germany, 9/10 Down’s babies in Germany are currently aborted under mental health grounds there. Clearly having no ground for abortion of the disabled is not protective if the mental health ground can be invoked specifically because no ban exists.  No ground and no ban on abortions of disabled babies including Down’s syndrome babies, is proposed by the Irish government if the 8th is repealed, but abortions after 12 weeks may be obtained on mental health grounds here.

What can you do? 

Please can you PRAY without ceasing and also FAST for the rest of this lent and afterwards until May 25th, any medically safe way you can, at least once a week: that the abortion juggernaut that is International Planned Parenthood (the umbrella body for all abortion providers worldwide with a revenue of 1.4 billion in its US affiliate alone 2016) will not succeed in at least one country…… Ireland in spite of the phenomenal pressure and media and government manipulation here.

In the mystical body of Christ, this is an appeal to all catholics worldwide, to HAVE MASSES CELEBRATED (we are aiming for 1000 overseas to match 1000 at home) in reparation for Ireland’s turning away from God which brought us to this point and to save the Irish constitution’s pro-life 8th amendment. Please consider organising with your parishes around the world, to have one or more Masses celebrated publicly of reparation for Ireland’s turning from God and protection of the 8th amendment.

Alternatively please arrange one or more Masses privately for the above intentions.  To facilitate this process, consider the link below: Aid to the Church in Need Ireland / A.C.N. Ireland, which is part of a worldwide organisation that helps the universal and persecuted Church at the coalface. Born or unborn, your prayers and practical support build up the body of Christ in our universal Church and remember, God is never outdone in generosity.

(a): call Anne or Claire at Aid to the Church in Need’s office in Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland on 01 837 7516
0035318377516 international.
(b): email your request along with your phone number to masses@acnireland.org
(c): Visit the web page: http://www.acnireland.org/masses/


Whether privately with a local priest, through Aid to the Church in Need’s Mass offering service or if you are organising a prayer service / vigil or parish Mass / Masses for this intention with your parish priest, we’d be very grateful if you would email us on our contacts page and let us know what you are doing so we can keep a record of all initiatives.

(Of note, as with all Mass stipends, a suggested offering of ten euro supports a priest who is spreading the gospel in an imporverished / dangerous part of the world, sometimes where there is no financial support at all for a priest on the ground. He will celebrate Mass for your intentions, in this case: reparation for Ireland and protection of the pro-life 8th amendment to the Irish constitution. Of note: ACN Ireland will support anyone with limited means to have a Mass celebrated on their behalf.)

Thank you, God Bless you

The Mass and Fast for Ireland Team.

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